With new social media platforms popping up all the time and trends changing, it’s hard to keep up with which platform is the best for your company. We have compiled a comparison between TikTok and Twitch to assist.

What’s the Difference Between Twitch and TikTok Adverts?

TikTok and Twitch are very different platforms. They each offer different benefits and features. So which one is better?

Advertising on TikTok

A social media App that is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. This App was launched in 2017 and has now become even more popular during the current global pandemic. TikTok allows users to create, share and browse creations.

There are an array of functions such as speed adjustments, filters, voiceovers and now a duo setting for two people to use, in separate locations. Even TikTok is encouraging social distancing!

Now let’s get to the fun part! Marketing on TikTok is quite similar to Instagram. There are 5 main ways to advertise your product.

1. In-feed Native Ad

This is similar to Instagram stories in the sense that the ad is displayed on a full screen and can be linked to your website, with “view more” and “order now” buttons. These types of Ads are skippable, and can be tracked by click-through rates, impressions, total views, video viewing time as well as the engagements received.

2. Hashtag Challenge Ads

In these TikTok ads, the viewer be able to click on the ad, which will take them to your brands landing page. This page will contain instructions and rules of the featuring challenge/campaign. A great way to engage with your audience in a fun way!

3. Brand Takeover Ads

One of the purest forms of TikTok marketing is where images, GIF’s and short video clips turn out to be precursors of the brand’s landing page, or the set hashtag that can become a challenge. The reach of this type of marketing can be measured by impressions, click rates, and unique reaches; similar to Facebook. Brand takeover ads are highly effective as they have user-friendly techniques that make it super-easy to brand a particular product or service.

4. Hashtag Challenges

The hashtag challenge campaigns are mostly non-sponsored, and with the right content, they have the ability to make any marketing strategy popular amongst its users. All that’s required is for an influencer or a blogger to set up a challenge that will encourage others to participate, and share their experience of the challenge. Ideas of challenges are ones that are doable and fun, along with being relevant to the message that is getting pushed.

5. User Participation

This is considered to be the most accessible and engaging ways of marketing on TikTok. Users generate their own content that promotes and showcases the brand. With tools and features that make it easy for users to post ideas and content by themselves, they then tag the trending topic and concerned brands.

Twitch Adverts

Twitch, owned by Amazon, is viewed more than Netflix, HBO, ESPN and other popular channels altogether. It’s an online site that allows users to log in and watch, live stream or broadcast pre-recorded videos of video game gameplays.

As a viewer, you can watch the gamer playing the game, and you are able to interact with the gamer via a live chat. In some occasions, the gamer may enable their camera on their device for viewers to view not only their screen but themselves too. The chat as well as the video is at the individual gamers discretion.

It can also be used for online marketing.

We know what you are wondering, and yes, you are able to market your company on Twitch. There are three simple ways in which you can do so.

1. On Page Adverts

On page adverts are pretty self-explanatory, being one of the most traditional ways of advertising online. Your ad will appear on a page, in a certain style. Twitch offers 5 types of styles, namely: Homepage Headliner, Medium Rectangle, Super leaderboard, Homepage Carousel and Synced Units. In layman’s terms, your add will appear in one of the 5 ways listed above.

2. Influencer campaigns

Influencer marketing in the gaming industry has massive potential for brands to be exposed.
A gamer might include a brand in the title of the live video, or on their channel page.
The gamer can also place the brand they are promoting directly on a video stream and talk about the brand or engage with it for added brand awareness.

3. Branded Content

Here, you pretty much create your own unique content for users to implement and test out. One of the most successful and best examples of original branded content is the campaign done by Old Spice in 2015. Old Spice launched a stream called “Old Spice Nature Adventure” in which they live-streamed the adventures of a man in the woods. Viewers could influence the decisions of the man via chat.

Final Thoughts on Advertising on TikTok or Twitch

In conclusion, the two platforms mentioned above are great ways to market your brand, while leveraging off an influencer for the best possible returns. When choosing an influencer, you will need to carefully select a suitable candidate who will not only represent your brand and match your company ethos, but also have the right type of followers to create trust and build your brand.

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