Choosing the right digital agency is important since you trust them with your business. You want to ensure you find one that suits you.

We are all looking for that perfect partner, whether a life partner or a marketing partner!  A unicorn is that mythical creature that embodies all the brilliant qualities that we believe will add value to our lives, whether it’s in love or business. We tend to only meet unicorns once in a blue moon, so when we do, we should go all out to keep those relationships blooming.

In today’s society there are so many things that falsely advertise unicorns as being of their generation or industry, but how do you know you’ve really found “The One” to partner with?

Qualities to Look for in a Digital Agency

There are some special qualities that only true marketing unicorns have and we’ve listed them here to help you recognise your perfect partner to develop your marketing strategy and grow your business’s online presence.

1. Good Storyteller

A good story doesn’t always have to be a fairy tale. It does have to evoke emotions and connect your audience though through meaningful content, both on your website and social media pages. You may be on the right track to finding your unicorn when you start feeling butterflies while reading copy that ignites your senses.

2. Sincerity

True unicorns are sincere in helping you build lasting relationships with your audience. This is their true vocation. They also believe that humility goes hand in hand with being open-minded. Building relationships is all about that humble hustle, after all. Therefore, your unicorn needs to ensure that content created for your brand builds trust and credibility.

3. Resourcefulness

Unicorns face problems head-on and find ingenious ways to solve them, whether it’s a website that has gone down or a marketing campaign that isn’t bringing in quality leads. Marketing unicorns get things done quickly and efficiently and bring about results. They tend to be competitive perfectionists that strive to stand out from the rest of the herd with exceptional marketing strategies.

4. Analytically minded

A true, marketing unicorn measures and deciphers data into actionable strategies that will grow your business. They create clear marketing objectives, so that they have a strategy to know what to prioritize and when. If they cannot spot improvements in your marketing campaign from the get-go, you should move right along to another marketing unicorn.

5. Connected

Unicorns have their fingers on the pulse. They understand people and how to speak to targeted audiences to get the right message across at the right time. Understanding your target market and your business’s industry is key to creating a sparkling, marketing campaign.

6. Creativity

We know unicorns don’t poop rainbows for nothing! They are creatives at heart and are able to dream up new ideas, unique content and concepts by aptly applying words and designs in different business environments. This is an especially handy skill when faced with new obstacles and of course goes hand-in-hand with their resourcefulness.

7. Leadership

The rarest quality of all! A true-blue unicorn outshines the rest when it comes to collaboration, and directing and inspiring their teams. Their insight and professional experience are invaluable and add the much-needed sparkle to the exciting world of digital marketing.

Find Your Perfect Digital Agency Partner

Whether you’re looking to add rainbows or a touch of magic to your brand, your happily ever after could be closer than you know with targeted, “unicorn-worthy” marketing campaigns.

Our team of unicorn marketers are ready to help you live the dream and market your business online. Contact one of our unicorns today!