Over the years, the web has grown to include blogging and social media platforms, live video streaming services and more. This means there are now many online marketing options for businesses wanting to build their customer base.

5 reasons you should be using digital marketing

Digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reach customers and promote your business. Here are just a few reasons why marketing online is essential.

1. Reach your target market where they gather

Have a millennial audience and a strong visual concept for a product? A social media campaign on platforms like Facebook and Instagram will help you target your intended audience. Each digital platform has its own ethos and typical demographic. By using online marketing, you can increase a highly relevant audience’s awareness of your product or service.

2. Attract potential customers at the right time

A large part of converting potential customers to paid ones is reaching new customers when they are poised to purchase. With online marketing, you can engage customers at the times they’re most active and most likely to purchase, and in so doing drive targeted and converting visitors to your website.

3. Get guaranteed visibility via Google AdWords paid campaigns

In a crowded online space, it’s sometimes a challenge to get your business seen and heard above competitors. Paid search (PPC campaigns) and display advertising help you place your brand at the top of search results for relevant terms and at key points in partner networks (display ads).

Paid social media ads similarly help you stand out in potential customers’ cluttered news feeds.

4. Build authority using Blogs

Consistently posting great content to your owned channels (such as your website’s blog) is one way to build your authority within your niche. Blogs add an additional level of exposure to a well-rounded digital marketing campaign.

5. You can drive targeted traffic to high-converting pages with a website containing dedicated landing pages

If you have a professional-looking website and your landing pages highlight the best features of your product or service while addressing visitors’ fears and concerns, you can increase revenue substantially. You need to ensure your website provides a good UX and UI.

Online marketing lets you get granular about who you drive to what offer when. It all starts with a website design that showcases your business in its best light.

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