Google Adwords PPC (pay-per-click advertising) campaigns are one of the most beneficial ways of attracting new business digitally. By setting up various campaigns that match your services and products, you can garner incredible exposure for your brand and convert sales and new clients too.

The key is to execute your PPC campaigns correctly and effectively. While it might seem relatively straightforward, a lot of research needs to go into defining the best keywords for your campaigns.

Why Keyword Research?

Keyword research is conducted so that your ad campaign can answer to the right search queries conducted by your audience. Think of it this way – your audience is out there, searching for what you offer, but there needs to be a connecting point between their search query and your website. A great way to map out your keywords is by using Google’s own Keyword Planner.

What About SEO?

Yes, you can amplify your SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts so that your website ranks organically for the chosen search terms, but that can take time and it is also highly competitive.

Therefore while your SEO is still gaining traction, you can connect people to your business using your PPC adverts, provided you do the relevant keyword research to tap into what your users are actually searching for.

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Think Like Your Users

Put yourself in the shoes of your users. How would you try and find what your business offers? What search terms would you use? You have to look at it from a layman’s vantage point, because the general public might not know specific terminology related to your products and services the way that you do.

Start there and begin the keyword research journey. You want to find keywords that have low competition and high search volumes, meaning that not many people are using it but many people are searching for it.

As you progress further into the research you will start to find other relative terms that users have typed in that perhaps you never even considered. You can download your keyword research selections into a spreadsheet file and then isolate the most relevant and useful search terms that will attract the right business.

Monitor Your Keywords

It is also important to monitor and track the results of your keywords over time to see which terms work and pull in traffic, clicks and conversions, and which ones aren’t really doing their job effectively.

This allows us to make changes and update or remove keywords as need be, and in this way optimize the running of your Google Adwords PPC campaign.

Using Keywords in PPC Ad Setup

Whenever we set up a campaign for our clients, we conduct extensive research into the niche, competitors and related terms that users type in to find products and services.

It’s a lengthy process that covers the entire spectrum of possibilities so that when we actually create the Google Ad PPC campaigns.

We have many different keyword variations that speak to the different angles, areas and focus points of a business’s service offering. This way, all target markets are covered and all sectors of the business are catered to.

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