With us, Google Ads is simple

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads is a powerful marketing platform that gives advertisers the option to display text or banner ads on the Google search results pages and on websites that are part of the Google Advertising Network. Ads helps you gain effective exposure for your business as well as generate relevant leads from people in the market to buy from you.

Help your business be found through Search Ads

A Search Ad campaign involves creating a text ad that will show up in the Google Search results when consumers search for the goods and services that you are offering. This works by targeting specific keywords that customers would use when searching for an offering like yours.

A cell phone retailer, for example, could use search terms such as “best smartphone deals” as a keyword to target customers that are searching for deals and therefore are most likely interested in buying a phone.

This helps you capitalise on a customer’s intent by showing up at the exact right time that they are looking for you – the perfect meeting of supply & demand!

Boost awareness of your business using Display Ads

The other option that Google provides is to show Banner Ads on websites relevant to your offering – say a travel agent showing up on a travel blogger’s site. This is a great opportunity to share your marketing message with customer that are in the right mind-set to receive it.

No matter whether you choose Search or Display, the great thing about Google AdWords is that it works on a “pay per click” (PPC) model which means your money is only spent when someone actually clicks on your ad.

Why Use Us?

While the Google Ads platform is a powerful advertising ally, the process of running and optimizing a successful Google Ads campaign is not without its complexity. The time and human resource that needs to be invested to get it right is enough to make it inaccessible to most.

Luckily, at Digital Briefcase we are Ads experts and know just how to get the very best out of your Ads campaign by:

  • Choosing the most relevant keywords in order to attract the right people with the right intent to purchase
  • Writing enticing ad copy for Search Ads that stirs interest and gets clicks
  • Designing exciting, eye-catching banners for your Display Ads
  • Managing your bids to ensure that they are in line with the competition so that your ads get shown as close to the top of the search engine results page as possible
  • Monitoring and optimising campaigns to fine-tune & improve their performance over time
  • Reporting back so that you know exactly how your campaign is performing

Our Google Ads Packages Are Right For You If:

  • You want relevant traffic to your website that could turn into potential leads.
  • You want the benefits of this powerful platform without the tedious learning curve of understanding the backend of setting up and running a campaign (conducting keyword research, managing bids, optimizing performance, etc).
  • You want different budget options in order to manage the number of leads that you get in.
  • You want regular reporting on how your campaign is performing.
  • You want professional campaign management – all Digital Briefcase campaign managers are proudly Google Certified.

Let the Ads experts get the best out of your campaign. Contact us today:

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