As a generation grown up on technology, there’s no doubt that the name “Google” is extremely well known. For most, it’s the most highly used search engine, and for marketers, It’s Google Ads is the gold mine of marketing

Not only is Gmail one of the most commonly used email platforms, but YouTube is also the largest video streaming platform, surpassing Netflix and the likes.

JGI – “Just Google It” has become the most used phrase of the 20th century – it’s what connects us to knowledge, whereas back in the day, we’d have to read numerous3 books to get all the info we needed.

What Solutions Does Google Offer?

But Google isn’t just about Search (as you would have assumed by the title of this article). Google has many different solutions and ad types to suit your business needs.

Google Search

Google Search Ads are the text ads which appear when you search for a product or service on the Google homepage screen. This is a phenomenal channel which captures intent-based users who are actively looking for something using “keywords”. It connects the customer to the brand in a much shorter timeframe than most other channels, as the need that’s being searched for is being fulfilled.

Google Display

Google Display Ads are the visual banners that appear on websites. You can choose these placements based on audience targeting and profiling. The main purpose of Google Display banners are awareness and traffic to a site. These placements work well for brands that want to reach more people within specific audience segments and thereby create brand awareness.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads are the ads which are connected to your e-commerce site and are based solely on the products you sell. It is also search-based and will only appear against the relevant product searches that users make. You can pull your entire product feed or only select products, depending on your budget and objectives.


YouTube Ads are video ads that appear on the YouTube platform, either before or during the video. The videos can range from 6 seconds, 15 or 30 seconds long. These ads are very effective, as video tends to create higher awareness and an increased ad-recall. There are also display ads within the YouTube platform which can link to videos related to the ad. These work when there is a longer process or education that needs fulfilling.

UAC and UACe

Universal App Campaigns & Engagement campaigns are pretty self-explanatory – the call to action changes to “Install App”/ “Download” or “Open App”. –You can utilizes these to launch a new App – the placements include Search (using keywords), Display, YouTube, Google Discovery Page, as well as Google Play Store. The campaigns can be targeted by demographic, location, keywords, placements and even parental status.

Performance Max

Performance Max is the newest, ad type – it only launched in 2021 and brands have already adapted this to their annual strategies. Performance Max is like bulk buying within all Google properties to increase conversion numbers – you cannot run this ad type with a traffic objective.

Google uses a combination of images, headlines and descriptions to generate the highest number of conversions. The budgets and platforms need flexibility, so this is an ad type for those who want a high return, with nothing to lose.

So absolutely, Google is a giant and, implementing the wrong strategy could cost you millions of rands, amongst customers.

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