Geoframing is a type of targeted marketing that gives marketers a more precise look at a geographical location. It’s more accurate than Geofencing.

Geoframing uses a similar targeting tactic to geofencing but takes it a step further. Geoframing captures the mobile device’s ID from users at a specific location and timeframe for targeting after they’ve left the area (and you thought Geofencing was creepy).

Note: Geofencing is location-based targeted marketing that allows you to reach a unique audience. The technology does this by making use of their specific location on a certain day, within a certain timeframe.

How Does Geoframing Work?

So what is Geoframing? Unlike geofencing, geoframing doesn’t rely solely on cellphone towers and cookie data for targeted marketing. The technology pulls data from mobile devices at a specific time and place. It uses the target audience’s latitude-longitude data from their phones to pinpoint a specific area. It is so precise that it captures data right down to the exact square meter at a selected time and date range.

Geoframing technology allows for targeted marketing by aiding marketers to target a venue of their choice on a map. These can be venues such as sports events, conferences, airports, office spaces, and shopping malls. Typically you’d choose a place where a large portion of the targeted audience would be at any given time.

At the targeted venue, if someone is served a display ad at the specific venue of interest, geoframing will collect their unique Device ID. Once the Device ID is captured, geoframing technology can then take over. Then it starts to share relevant ads to that specific audience of interest.

For example, if you are selling sportswear, you choose a venue such as a sports club or stadium, as this is where your likely audience hangs out. You can then start to capture your audiences’ Device IDs and market your product/service to them at a later stage. A superb way to stay top of mind.

Why Use Geoframing?

Targeted marketing is a popular way to reach your audience. And Geomframing is just one of the techniques you can leverage for your business.

This targeted advertising gives marketers a more detailed look at a geographical location. This reduces and eliminates customers who are not regulars within the focal area. It also excludes those who are simply passing through a geoframe. Plus, it allows you to maximize both your budget and your marketing.

We know that this can be rather overwhelming. So if you would like some assistance with navigating your way around location-based, targeted marketing, get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help your brand reach new levels of targeting!