We cannot deny that Social media has come around and impacted our lives for the better, but like anything in this world – it has its negatives. Over the years, Social Media has become a major part of how we function in society. To be precise, the use of Social Media has dramatically increased over the last decade and continues to grow. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook as well as Tik-Tok have become ingrained in the lives of countless people.

Although social media can have many advantages, research has shown that too much usage in your personal life may negatively affect specifically adolescent girls and young women alike, regarding their self-confidence and body image.


Effects of Social Media

Besides Social Media’s way of taking over our lives, creating time and social pressure, puts the best of us at risk of the negative physical and psychological effects. The urge we feel to be updated with new Social Media posts can make us feel like we are out of touch, while we are unknowingly losing ourselves in the online world.

We can mention several negative effects that are caused by how people choose to use Social Media. The commonly known stress triggers around Social Media usage are poor time management, being anti-social, societal pressure, addiction, cyberbullying, hacking, scams, relationship problems etc.


Reducing Stress from Social Media

If the above sounds familiar to you and you’re looking for a way to get your life in control, follow the below tips.

  • Monitor the time you spend on Social Media. Allocate time in your day, where you will intentionally be checking your preferred social platforms. There are a few Apps out there that are built to help you monitor the time you spend on Social Media and help break the digital addiction. Perhaps silence your phone after a specific time every evening, so that you have more off-screen time and less blue light stimulus, which has negative effects on your sleep-cycle.
  • Find other activities that you enjoy taking part in, which will effectively help you distract from what other people are doing on Social Media. Join an Art class, a running club, take up yoga or spend time with loved on
  • Be mindful of the time you’re spending on Social Media. It could be possible that you are using Social Media as an escape, rather than using it to connect. If you find that you are using it more to escape, it’s best to take a break and find another constructive escape. E.g. Go on a walk, read a book, meditate or even cook a delicious
  • Make a conscious decision when to switch off. Practice going to bed without your phone, and replace the first thing you do when you wake up with in the morning with something constructive, such as journaling. Limit using your phone when spending time with people – Rather don’t place your phone on the table, as your mind will subconsciously be thinking about it, as it’s in sight. If anything, turn your phone face-down, so that you aren’t distracted by notifications.

Final Thoughts on Coping with Social Media Stress

We may not have covered all the techniques that can help you keep your mental health intact, but by being aware of how Social Media may be causing stress in your life, we encourage you to start living a more fulfilling life without letting it consume every area of your life.