When it comes to creating a killer Facebook Ads campaign, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind. Digital media research stats show that many online advertisers have failed to maximise on the benefits of Facebook Advertising campaigns.
Many have used a variety of demographics and interests, used lots of images, and even tweaked copy so many times but still fail to create a profitable ad on social media. For small, medium, large scale business houses and even individuals, properly setting up your campaigns can help you better organise, optimise and measure the performance of your adverts and get the right returns.

Key tips on creating a Facebook Advertising campaign

Here are a few tips for making sure you Facebook Ad campaign is as awesome as your business.

1. Learn About the Best Ad Campaign Types to Run

There are two types of Facebook Ad Campaigns you can focus on and be guaranteed awesome interaction at a lower cost:

  • Traffic – also known as the “Website Clicks” is meant to bring users to your landing page.
  • Engagement – can be used to get more people to see and engage with your post or page. Engagement can include comments, shares, likes, event responses and offer claims.

Both can be created with relevant text and images. It’s also important to note that the use of videos will increase your relevance score and interaction, while giving you more impressions at a lower CPC/CPM.

2. Targeting is everything

Think about the kind of product that you’re advertising:

  • Who’s more likely to acquire it?
  • What’s their gender?
  • What’s their main age range?
  • What do these users like?
  • What are their interests?

Knowing your target market is how you’ll reach people who are actually interested in your products. Ever noticed you’re always seeing ads of things you like or that you usually work with on your Facebook News Feed? That’s good targeting right there, by that specific advertiser.

Finally, go over all the other specific details. This will help you to make sure you’ll reach the target you want your product to hit. For example, if you want to promote a travel product, you should be aiming at those users who are interested in “travel”, “paradise” and “tourist attractions” (Interests), but also who may have “used a travel app in one month”, which is a behaviour.

3. Write an Irresistible Headline

Always ask yourself one question – What if 70% only read your ads headline before deciding whether to click on it or not? The shorter and catchier you keep your Facebook ad headlines, the more likely people are to read it. Your ad headline can make a huge difference in the click-through rate and the cost-per-click of your Facebook ads. There are some great online resources to help you write unforgettable headlines.

4. Create a Compelling Value Offer

This is easier said than done but it remains a fact that a good value offer always boosts the returnsof your ads. For people to click on your ads, you need to offer something awesome in exchange.

Don’t just create an ad saying “That’s my product and it does A and B”. Instead, bring out the benefit of using your product. This value offer must also be accompanied by creating a sense of urgency. If people are given lots of time to decide, they’re going to postpone the decision and most likely forget about it. Make an impact by creating a sense of urgency.

5. Use the Power of Words

While there’s more to good copywriting than beautiful words, they certainly help. Your Facebook ads can always benefit from a couple of power words. Some of the power words include suddenly, now, announcing, introducing, improvement, amazing, sensational, remarkable, revolutionary, startling, miracle, magic, offer, quick, easy, wanted, challenge, compare, bargain, hurry, etc.

6. Focus on Mobile

One of the most important things to keep in mind when developing mobile Facebook ads is that you should be creating ad content and imagery that is optimized for a mobile audience. When Facebook users are accessing the app from their smartphone or other mobile devices, there is a good chance that they are accessing Facebook while on the go. As a result, their attention is being pulled in multiple directions.

It is important to feature a timely offer in your call-to-action, as consumers are more likely to quickly act on a promotion that has a specified time frame. You also want to choose images and develop content that pops and gets the attention of your busy audience.

The tips listed above, if applied well, should certainly position anyone for a successful Facebook ad campaign.

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