Social Media to interact directly with your audience

Why Social Media?

Through our experience with running Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns, we aim to provide our clients with the best possible Social Media Advertising options.

Building and managing relationships with your target market is a key element of growing your business and increasing sales.

Why Use Us?

Our packages are tailored according to your brand’s objectives, and our campaigns are then optimised in order to meet those objectives. We will offer you the whole solution from strategy, to content creation, right through to detailed reporting.

At Digital Briefcase, we know how to tell a great story visually and how to pitch a brand’s persona to each of your target markets. Digital Briefcase will empower you to connect with your user base and communicate the ethos and personality of your brand.

We understand the ins and outs of Social media advertising for Business and can set up your profile to make maximum impact. We ensure that it will drive engagement, brand awareness and sales, as we set up campaigns that are best positioned to fulfil your immediate objectives. Our Business packages include campaign setup, management, monitoring and reporting.

Facebook for Business makes it easier than ever to connect with people who already love what you offer (or soon will, with the right Facebook advertising strategy!)

Some of Facebook’s many advantages for business promotion include:

  • Facebook has over 1 billion global, active users. With targeted advertising, you can reach customers everywhere
  • Reach and engage with members of your local community
  • Build trust: your Facebook fan base is waiting. Each like or share for your page is a powerful vote of confidence
  • Facebook offers a powerful advertising platform that enables targeting by demographics, location, interests and more

LinkedIn continues to be the social media platform of choice for hundreds of millions of users around the world, and is utilised by almost 6 million professionals in South Africa alone. As a trusted networking tool and source of important industry information, the LinkedIn brand carries impressive credibility – making it an ideal advertising and marketing channel for SMEs with B2B services/products or a target market that includes individuals falling into the higher LSM groups.

Through LinkedIn, your business can

  • Build brand awareness with your members
  • Create engagement within a finely-tuned and precise target market
  • Drive conversions with lead generation advertising

Twitter is one of the most active social media networks in terms of users and content creation. Over 255 million combined users tweet more than 3 billion tweets every week. Because each tweet is limited to a length of 280 characters, a knack for writing concise, punchy tweets that spur people to retweet and click on the links you share is crucial. Even if you write great tweets, they disappear down user’s real-time feeds really quickly, due to how frequently people tweet. How then do you stay visible on Twitter? You use us to manage your campaign using Twitter for Business.

Twitter ads get people talking about your business through the means that you select:

  • Put your product in front of your target market with Promoted Tweets
  • Tell your ideal followers where to find you with Promoted Accounts
  • Help establish your business as a topical authority using Promoted Trends

Instagram appeals to a mobile-savvy, millennial market is easier when you know which social media channel to target.. Instagram is many brands’ go-to social marketing channel because of the platform’s young, brand-savvy user base. Instagram for business has shared many examples of how brands use the platform successfully to engage with its passionate, visually-discerning global community.

Advantages for SMEs advertising on Instagram include:

  • A platform with 500 million + active monthly users worldwide, and over 800 000 in South Africa.
    • Diverse ways to reach audiences by using fun and engaging images and videos
    • Easy integration with Facebook for cross-posting and promotion
    • Broad audience reach using hashtags and compelling visual storytelling

Our Services

Digital Briefcase specialises in online marketing solutions that deliver tangible results, ensuring that your unique marketing objectives are met. Armed with a thorough understanding of the South African digital marketing landscape, the services we offer are designed to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign. Whether you are looking to generate awareness for your brand or offerings, create engagement, drive conversions or build a presence on the platform, we are perfectly positioned to answer to your individual needs.

Our packages include coming up with strategy in-line with your business model, content creation that will boost your sales, create awareness around your brand and services, advert set-up and targeting to ensure your message is reaching the correct market, monitoring of your page and adverts, management of your page by responding to queries and comments and detailed reporting to see what’s working and what’s not!

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