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Influencer Marketing

Wanting to reach a wider audience? Why not utilize people that your audience already trusts and possibly even admires?

Influencers are all the rage in the marketing world and tons of brands are partnering with them to effectively reach a broader audience. If your brand isn’t on this trend, you could be missing out.

Influencer marketing is an authentic form of marketing, similar to word-of-mouth, and is therefore a no-brainer for your brand’s marketing campaign.

Types of influencers:

Influencers aren’t all the same. There are three main types that you can use to reach your target audience.

Mega-Influencer – Typically has over 1 million followers and is often more famous than influential, as they aren’t as engaged with their audience. Think A-list celebrities.

Macro-Influencer – Their following is between 100k to 1 million. They usually gained fame through YouTube videos, vlogging or blogging.

Micro-Influencer – With a follower base of between 10k to 100k. These are our favourite type of influencers, as they focus on a niche audience and are regarded as an expert in their field.

Nano-Influencer – Influencers with a relatively small following pf 1k – 10k, who generally have an influence in their local area. They convey the message that they’re “regular people” and can be seen as more authentic.


Through endorsements and product showcases, influencers can reach your audience in an organic way that’s not possible using other methods.  

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Our Influencer Services

  • Sourcing of suitable influencers
  • Brand introductions & briefing
  • Formal legal agreement
  • Liaising with & managing influencers
  • Approving influencer’s content 
  • Arranging of meetings/ photoshoots
  • Ensuring that influencer submits reports with statistics

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