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Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is when a business collaborates with an influential person to promote a product, service or campaign. These social content creators with niche audiences offer great value to brands, since they have a group of highly-engaged followers on their social media platform’s.
The different types of social media influencers are as follows:

Mega-Influencer – Typically has over 1 million followers  and is often more famous than influential, as they aren’t as engaged with their audience. Think A-list celebrities.

Macro-Influencer – Their following is between 100k to 1 million. They usually gained fame through the internet, such as through YouTube videos, vlogging or blogging.

Micro-Influencer – With a follower-base of between 10k to 100k. These are our favourite type of influencer, as they focus on a niche audience and are regarded as an expert in their field.

Nano-Influencer – Are influencers with a relatively small following in comparison to the above. They generally have an influence in their local area. They convey the message that they’re “regular everyday people” and are promoting a brand organically. It comes across as a more authentic form of marketing, similar to word-of-mouth.

Still not sure whether influencer marketing would beneficial for your business? A survey found that 34% of daily US Instagram completed a purchase, due to a blogger or influencer having recommended the brand.

So how does it work? Influencers will use endorsements and showcase products to their dedicated social following. They are trusted, as they are seen as experts within their niche and in essence offer trustworthy “organic marketing”. These key leaders will use their social media platforms and blogs to reach consumers in a unique/ less-direct way that your brand may not be able to.

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  • Sourcing of influencers
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  • Formal legal agreement
  • Liaising with & managing influencers
  • Approving content that goes out
  • Arranging of meetings/ photoshoots
  • Ensuring that influencer submits reports with stats

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We will help you find the right influencer to market your business effectively. Our select influencers will reach your target audience, build trust AND drive engagement! Digital Briefcase will ensure that your chosen influencer creates original, engaging content that aligns their vision with your business’s.