Facebook has become a lucrative marketing tool that helps businesses optimise their marketing spend. Find out how to use Facebook promotions in this post.

Nowadays, it’s safe to say that almost everyone is on Facebook. Whether it is for personal reasons, or to stay up to date with groups or interests, people all over the world have accounts on this social media platform. 

Facebook has a reach extending all the way around the globe. Every demographic is represented in some shape or form. This makes it one of the most beneficial online spaces for businesses to operate in.

Having a Facebook page is an important part of a business’s online presence. It is almost as important as having a professional, responsive website for your business. But having this space and creating content for users is not the only way that businesses can benefit from Facebook. It’s also an extremely useful tool for promotional leverage.

Targeting Your Audience

While creating informative, engaging content for your users is absolutely the right way to go about managing and growing a business’s presence on Facebook, you also need to find ways to actually reach the right people.

Some natural, organic reach will occur (i.e. a certain percentage of people will see your social media post through unpaid distribution), but to really boost your exposure you need to add a little fuel to the fire.

Paying for additional reach is an integral part of every social media strategy out there. It’s a pain-free way to find exactly the right people to engage with content relevant to them. And the cost for the brand involved is really not severe (especially compared to traditional advertising.

Starting your Promotions on Facebook

When it comes to Facebook promotions, starting with, a “Page Like” advert is the best route to navigate. This type of ad will help you build up your audience.

Once you have a decent amount of people to advertise to, you can start creating the golden content that is going to really wow your users and have them buy into your brand.

Choosing your Audience

The best part about advertising on social media is that you can target exactly who you want to communicate with.

You should think about:

  • Male or female?
  • Age 18 – 65 or another specific age range?
  • Residents of South Africa or only those who live in Hyde Park, Craighall and Parktown?

You can even tailor your ads to suit people who have listed specific interests, which means you will be reaching right into the demographic you are marketing to.

Boosting Your Promotional Facebook Messages

When it comes time to promote an event, campaign or specific promotion, Facebook is an excellent place to get the conversation going. Once you’ve got the content created in line with your promotion, you can use a number of ways to leverage the reach to ensure it finds its way to the right people.

Create a Boosted Post

This is the perfect way to extend the reach of a post far beyond its possible organic reach. This ad format allows you to take a post that has already been created and simply give it more exposure through paid distribution on Facebook.

Encourage Clicks to Your Website

If you are wanting to drive traffic to your website, use a website promotion ad that will direct users straight from your Facebook page to the relevant web page that you have selected. Make sure the ad that is created is relevant to the chosen web page!

Event Promotion

This is ideal for driving awareness of a specific event that needs additional numbers, attendance or exposure. Set up all the details of your event and promote it to your targeted audience with a paid ad.

Offer Promotion

If you want to promote a particular offer, users can claim the offer directly from your Facebook page using this ad type. By putting some funding behind it, the post can be publicised for additional reach and uptake.

There are so many other ways that you can use Facebook to boost your promotions and expand the reach of your business.