Campaign FAQ’s

Campaign Terms

Do I need to sign a contract when signing up with Digital Briefcase?
Simply sign a SLA (service level agreement), so that we’re all on the same page and can make magic happen for your business!
How long do you suggest running a marketing campaign for?
We generally suggest a minimum of 3 months to see optimal results. If you run your campaign for a shorter time period, you aren’t giving it time to reach it’s full potential.
What is your notice period?

30 days. We don’t tie our clients into long-term contracts, as we want you to be happy and not feel obliged to stay with us, if you aren’t getting the deliverables that you expected.

Tell me about your payment terms?

Marketing Campaigns: 100% Upfront

Hosting: Upfront per year OR on a monthly basis via EFT or debit order

All other services such as Development, Design, Copywriting, Videography and Photography: 50% Deposit due upfront with remainder due upon completion

How often do I need to renew my domain/s?


Do you offer email and IT support with your hosting solutions?
No, we do not. Should you have email issues, we can attempt to assist via TeamViewer, but do not offer call outs. Should we not be able to assist, then you’d need to get your IT company to assist further.
What if I’d like to make numerous changes to designs?

We allow 2 reverts per chosen design. Additional changes will be charged for at an hourly rate.

What happens if I change my mind/ brief?

If the initial brief is changed after the job was invoiced, the first brief will be ignored and the job will be requoted according to the new brief. If the brief changes and artwork has already been created, then it will be charged for and added to the new cost. Please make 100% sure that your brief is accurate and detailed.

Intellectual Property:
All websites and designs will the remain the property of Digital Briefcase (Pty) Ltd until full payment is received.

Our ad campaigns are set-up using our hard-earned knowledge and expertise, so they remain the property of Digital Briefcase (Pty) Ltd. We do not hand these accounts over at any time.

Should you have any other questions, please complete our form below: