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At Digital Briefcase, our digital marketing team is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes build profitable, engaged audiences. Today our lives are spent online and there are increasingly more ways than ever to reach potential customers. While this offers you many marketing options, this can be a daunting landscape for entrepreneurs to navigate on their own, especially with limited time or human resources available.

At Digital Briefcase, we have got you covered.

Our team has the right qualifications and experience to handle the marketing needs of startups and SME’s alike. Coupled with a passion for marketing solutions that deliver results, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Digital Briefcase was established in 2015 as a multi-platform digital solution that delivers honest results, with best in class international digital offerings such as Google AdWords, Social Media Advertising and Website Development.

With our comprehensive offering, we can bring you a full suite of online marketing tools, making it easier for you to find the right platforms to successfully reach potential customers with your marketing message.


  • Professional website design & campaign management 70% 70%
  • Client meetings 20% 20%
  • Keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest in digital marketing developments 100% 100%

Our Culture

Digital Briefcase is full of marketing fun with a good side of serious. Customer focused above all else! Polite and friendly communication, no matter what the channel. Open and honest work-environment where no idea is a bad idea, no matter how off-side. Friendly, dedicated team and always willing to help.

Our Mission

Being masters of the digital message, we serve a broad spectrum of SME’s. We’re dedicated to building your brand by matching your business with the correct target audience, to create measurable results.

Our Vision

To create meaningful, lasting connections and empower SME’s to confidentially grow and successfully utilize our digital marketing tools. By setting your business up as visionaries and trend setters in your respective industries, we make your success our success. We essentially grow together!

When you work with us you’ll enjoy:


Our team of dedicated professional web designers and campaign managers will get the job done.

Dedicated SUPPORT

Get the actionable advice and support that your business needs in each stage of its growth.


We take care of the time-consuming side of digital marketing, helping you focus your energies on running your business.


We bring you a full range of reliable, scalable, world-class digital marketing solutions that will give you the most bang for your buck.



Managing Director

(Chief Amazement Officer)
“At Digital Briefcase, we believe in making meaningful connections with our clients, while having fun. Allow our fully-loaded briefcase to take your brand on a digital adventure.”



Senior Developer & SEO Specialist

(Queen Web Ninjaneer)
Some call me a diva, some call me introverted. I personally see myself as a passionate web developer focused on crafting great web experiences that rank amongst search engines.



Account Manager

(Head of Not So Quietly Judging)
I’m passionate about all things digital. I love how quickly things move in the industry and really enjoy learning about new and innovative ways of reaching and engaging audiences.



Account Manager

(Director of Content Creation)
“I’m passionate about creating engaging content, especially through photography. A self-starter and go-getter that loves to live life outside the box. Adventure is my middle name!


We are always expanding, and would love to hear from you. Drop us an email with your CV and a good story and we will get back to you.

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