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Most successful businesses and brands have one strategy in common: they use digital marketing services effectively.

A good advertising strategy drives brand awareness of your brand, but a great strategy turns potential customers into paying ones, fast. In the past, a well-designed website with compelling copy was enough.

Now social networks, PPC campaigns and other platforms that help people find your business are equally important. Now more than ever, timing is key. Let Digital Briefcase help you put the right information in front of the right people at the right time.

Why Digital Briefcase?

We provide digital marketing tools that simplify the growth of your business.

Because we’re a division of Caxton, the media company that produces over 175 local newspapers, we know that amazing content needs an effective marketing strategy to ensure the broadest, most relevant reach.

Having experience in both digital and retail means that we know how to run online advertising campaigns that draw people to your online or physical store.

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Website design and hosting

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Google AdWords campaigns

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Facebook Campaign Management

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Twitter campaign management

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Instagram Advertising

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